Couple of Sociopaths — Kristi Mason and Tyler Ashley

Couple of Sociopaths — Kristi Mason and Tyler Ashley

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this married couple is SICK and demented. They are both singers and actors. They play games with people as a form of training. Tyler Ashley gets on Bumble to pick up unsuspecting women. He tells them he’s Divorced- recent pics on his IG don’t show a wedding ring and there are NO pictures of him and Kristi Mason.

Kristi Mason has NO pictures of them together on her IG. They have NO recent pics together on Facebook. So you BELIEVE they are divorced. When you find out that Tyler is STILL married to Kristi, he blocks and deletes you from everything. When you contact Kristi to tell her about her psycho cheating husband, she ACTS hurt and shocked. It’s all a play to them. Just a role- to feed off other people’s emotion and pain. Tyler will do and say everything perfectly, making you believe he’s genuine and different from other guys. He will sing to you, he will tell you all of the right things. You will think he’s too good to be true and he IS. It’s ALL LIES.

He’s ACTING. He’s a sociopath, so is his “wife”. And who knows what Kristi Mason is doing and saying to mess with guys. I know and have talked to two other women that Tyler’s done this to. Kristi Mason is the one who gave me the info to find them. She said she was disgusted and went through all of Tyler’s social media accounts and found other blocked girls. We reached out to them Together! How twisted. She asked me to help her and I did because I couldn’t believe him and I was pissed. Kristi helped me find and contact the two other girls he did this too. She KNOWS and doesn’t care. She ENJOYS the madness. She feeds off of your emotions. It’s SICK. Ladies and Gentlemen, BEWARE. STAY AWAY from Kristi Mason and Tyler Ashley. @thekristimasonact @the_tylerashley

This is what happens when Gone Girl is your favorite movie.- nik

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