Dan K Backus — Lawndale’s very own Loser, Lackluster, Lying bodybuilder

Dan K Backus — Lawndale’s very own Loser, Lackluster, Lying bodybuilder

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Dan K Backus is a self important bodybuilder whos only skills involve hunting for old prostitutes and defrauding friends and clients out of money. He trolls women bragging that hes some kind of successful bodybuilder claiming to want to train them. In actuality he can barley make a top five placing in a small competition. He wants so badly for people to believe and respect him as a top notch bodybuilder but hes really not up to par even after like 16 years of trying and one leg is permanently smaller than the other. Hes big but not bodybuilder built. His lack luster skills are further proven by his bottom of the barrel placing at the USAs for which he brags about placing 22 and of some 30 competitors (though he was in the last call out so thats probably a lie too)yeah he can train the average person no problem but as a bodybuilder hes sh1t. He knows and others know but he plays off every negative like its nothing when in fact hes HIGHLY bothered (insecure) by what others think of him so hes often very boastful even if stretching the truth. Hes been running around the Torrance/LA area for years sleeping with anything with legs, cheating on his baby mama and girlfriends. Hes always nice and sweet in texts, will text “I love you” and “baby i miss you” while simultaneously texting the same thing to 50 other girls. I should have known something was up no “trainer” in his right mind should be hitting or feeling on clients hes sooo unprofessional not to mention he trains out of the back of his truck so I guess I should’ve known then right. I had the good thought to ask his ex and turns out yup hes cheating on me and every woman in his phone AND I got an DRD from the dog. He abuses steroids and gives his friends fake, sub par or all together different drugs then what they buy from him. I knew about some things but now that I know the whole story Im happy to out him as the judgmental, abusive, racist he is. He may not seem like it but he sits back and judges everyone, whether you have a tattoo, drink at all, go to the beach with your friend, something about you job he has something horribly negative to say, “black people are ghetto”, “people with tattoos are trash cholos”, if you have one glass of whine you’re an alcoholic. He says his own friends are useless losers who live in ghetto neighborhoods but happily smiles to their faces. Hes completely two faced, and will NEVER cop to anything. He will make up a lie to cover his own ass always. Hes a 36 year old baby whos mama still does his laundry and cleans his house. He has a limp because his hip is screwed up though he still is bodybuilding and doing cardio but whines when its convenient like when he doesn’t want to do something for someone else because hes completely selfish and if you put him in a position he doesn’t like you’ll witness his anger issue which i didn’t know about until a girl told me and I put it to the test. THIS MAN HAS ISSUES! Im doing my due diligence in letting other women know (and apologies to his then girlfriend) so if you see this run girl! He’ll always be super nice to get what he wants but trust me theres a reason you cant see him at certain times and its not “competition” or “training” as he told me its other women. The man can hardly even do his day job. He says hes an accountant with a degree but doesn’t know how to do it. He uses craigslist tutors to fake his way by and quickly learn skills smh. He drives an old 4 runner that says max muscle on the back cant miss him especially when hes leaning out the car yelling at the nearest floozy. *and yeah Dan try and deny like you always do but if you thought your girl was savage just wait if I can get the evidence from her and the rest of the women you screw over, she didn’t but I sure will post it all. You can go around and use peoples daughters and mothers like they re disposable but be prepared to own your dirt. You are the walking actualization of every woman’s nightmares.


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  1. DoItRightMarch 28, 2019 at 6:21 AM

    Semi dwarf ? Forgot to shake his “mini me” after he took a piss, dribbled in his briefs. Then had his picture taken to show it.

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