Edwin Kohan aka Overdraft Strikes Again

Edwin Kohan aka Overdraft Strikes Again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Eddie Overdraft strikes again. I watch this man on social media because I can’t laugh enough. He is the funniest most ridiculous individual I have ever seen. I ran into him once and he told me he was doing a deal with the federal reserve for distribution of gold bricks. Please look at his ig for a laugh.

He acknowledges having an incorporated company that also happens to be an LLC. Eddie, Limited liability companies do not undergo a process of incorporation. But maybe in frontville they do. Thanks for the entertainment. Oh and you can’t forget the classic “we out here” slogan.

Out where, Eddie? Shouldn’t it be “we out of money.” You’re middle name isn’t Genovese, it’s Hooshang. Who are you fooling bro? Your entire life is a joke. We all feel bad for your family.

Wow, Hoo-shang like Wu-Tang.- nik


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