Edwin Kohan And Benny the Jeweler

Edwin Kohan And Benny the Jeweler

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Yo Nik the work you’ve been doing is real. I saw on this thread some guy wrote about the Overdraft guy Edwin Kohan and how he thinks he’s black cause he got a fake black card and fake ice. Well, this is where he got it from- this loser Benny who thinks he’s black throwing out the N word like he was born in the hood. These cats are gonna get their asses handed too them. Benny out there calling Brothers Gorillas and flaunting. He wants to be black if he don’t stop this I am going to make him feel black. You do you Nik Richie.

I’m pretty close to going to Lids at the Mission Viejo mall to make the same WALLSTREET hat for $35 dollars.- nik


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