Edwin Kohan is a Loser, Racist and Fake Baller

Edwin Kohan is a Loser, Racist and Fake Baller

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, a few posts ago I saw something on there that talked about how this guy Edwin Kohan and his friends embezzled a girl for 150K saying they got nudes on her. Well guess what? I am that girl. Him and his friend said they got nudes of me while I was drunk and drugged out but that’s so not true. He tried to sleep with me and then after I said no, he threatened me that he has incriminating pictures of me naked, which I knew was a lie. I would not be that drunk to sleep with this guy Edwin you call overdraft.

I did hook up with him but I did not sleep with him. I couldn’t get up to sleeping with a guy who has a bigger chest than me and a stomach so big that you could not see his Greg. I thought he was some kind of baller since he talked a big game, but he is not. He also thinks he is black and kept calling me n****r and I am Swedish and German and I do not look black at all. Look at how he talks also in public saying the F word like that. My brother is gay and that is so wrong.

Nik, do yourself a favor- and him especially- and stop promoting this loser. I know its all fun and games right now but he will get his ass kicked sooner than later and Persian guys have to keep their family name. I know since I dated more than one here in Miami.

Now I’m dying to see what you look like. I can’t believe you were about to let him lay on top of you. Overdraft could have crushed you upon full release in the missionary position… he could have died. Please tell us more details as to how you met and what cologne he wears?- nik


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