Eva Gutserievs is Kourtney Reppert’s Madam

Eva Gutserievs is Kourtney Reppert’s Madam

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Eva Gutserievs aka ‘Holland Brooks’ has been searching for a Sugar Daddy for Kourtney Reppert asking myself and many others to Sugar Daddy up for Kourtney. Eva is the relation to the Gutseriev family wealth of Russia. From what I understand, Kourtney is desperately trying to sleep her way into wealth through her Patreon account, Eva, ‘Holland’ has a huge heart and has given Kourtney thousands of dollars trying to keep Kourtney’s son Max from starving all the while Kourtney lavishes herself with expensive salon visits, a prepared meal service and many custom made pieces of furniture.

Her son Max is served mac and cheese almost daily while Kourtney devours her weight into her prepared meals plus some. Her latest purchase, all the while begs for money on this Patreon account is a new Land Rover. Kourtney is a playa of the biggest kind. Kourtney lives off the kindness of strangers, and Eva. I had to post this to let other men know what Ms. Reppert is about: money, money and more money! She will fuck anyone that will pick up the tab. Isn’t that still called a whore these days Nik? Eva needs to let that comedy of errors go. She is only being used by Kourtney which I heard through the grapevine Kourtney will dump her friend as soon as she claws her way into someone else’s money roll.

No, it’s called a Floozy.- nik


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