Fake actress Dana Waters is scam artist Dana Peden

Fake actress Dana Waters is scam artist Dana Peden

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, recently Dana Waters aka Dana Peden had submitted a BS posting about her and her obese inbred hubby, Sean Peden. They’re desperate trying to rip off people in the entertainment industry so they can buy high quality drugs. Remember when Dana had submitted this to your website?:

Their scam operation had been reported to local and federal authorities. Their phony business has been reported to the IRS for tax evasion because they take money and go back on their promises and they purposely lose contact with their investors who can prove that the Pedens took their money for their phony biz.

Sean Peden is a sociopath who took advantage of a mentally girl and took her off her meds just so he can have his own woman. He took her off her meds and gave her drugs and booze. Sean has never been able to defend himself and is a lifelong victim of bullying and a complete failure in life. Nik, please DO NOT allow these scam artist to use your website for publicity so they can rip off more good people who have dreams.


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