FAKE Producer Liana Spano of Calabasas

FAKE Producer Liana Spano of Calabasas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Liana Spano approached my colleagues and I in June of 2017 about investing in a project of hers. Come to find out she is trying to run an adult business. She is extremely smart, seems to really know her biz, but actually has terrible judgement in people she hangs with and how she tries to go about getting money. She said she has the girls to do the film. It looks more like a Human Trafficking ring then even an adult film. She asked us for 1M and didn’t want us to tell her boyfriend or father who’s in the film industry as some low level douche. Upon looking her up deeply in the web and through contacts, she apparently was found in a dumpster with her sister when she was 2 in China and her dad wanted to get em since they were free. Sad story. Oh, Hollywood. Isn’t it fun? You just never know about people. She does not seem like a con but oh, she is. This is of course all my opinion. Just wanted to let anyone else know about this fake Producer Liana Spano who actually wants to be an actress and Madam.


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  1. JasonAugust 24, 2018 at 11:37 AM

    Yeah this girl is still at at cheese not a bad producer but she’s got a lot of signed things going on and she’s an emotional train wreck she will definitely take all your money and run and she’s really quick to turn on anyone to create a Nummies she’s definitely not the person to work with in the entertainment industry

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