Jesse Ditman Your Instastories Say It All

Jesse Ditman Your Instastories Say It All

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, anyone you know date Jesse Ditman? Trust me you’d hear about it if they did. My homie was talking to this chick for about a month and we all thought, ‘she must have a kick ass personality’ cause she’s not the typical smoke show my bro usually brings home. Well, we were wrong! Not only was she at the most average looking (and that is only cause her body is decent, her face is a paper bag situation) but the typical ‘WAY hotter in her instgram photos’ situation.

That’s the least of it, she’s also a free loading, jobless (by choice), mid-30 year old, party ho who lives in her grandmas basement and sits on whoever’s couch all day… or days, eating their food and talking feces about everything and everyone. Not to mention, the sex is apparently foul.

I can admit I’m disgusting with chicks, but this was a different kind of disgusting. My homie was embarrassed to show us her Instagram cause he knew we’d go straight to the instastories, and of course she has like 25 stories a day, trying to be funny, but it’s just embarrassing and solidifies that she isn’t…hot… and that she LOVES to take her upper 30 year old self out to the club with a bunch of 20 year old girls, get wasted, post about it and then knock on my bro’s door at 2 am. No one wants to tell her that she’s embarrassing so here I am to tell you what were all thinking. Grow up and good luck!

Sounds like every woman in Cali on Tinder… claiming they’re “25 years old” and living through filters like it’s real life.- nik

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