Kristina Is The Biggest Pimp Stateside

Kristina Is The Biggest Pimp Stateside

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so I know girls who are friends with Kristina. She is the biggest Pimp in the U.S. She has the hottest girls in every city, basically she provides warm bodies for celebrities like Drake, Future and billionaires from all over the world in which ever city they travel.

She’s the biggest one in the game. She flaunts on her Instagram her vacations, not sure how she can afford them as a Ukrainian spy lol. So surprised no one discovered this one. She is well connected, Kardashian connects like Durrani and her crew.

What’s her real full name and talent roster? I want to know more. Plus, anyone can pimp on the Gram. That’s why they invented PM/DM.- nik

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