Logan Paul Suicide Video Backlash

Logan Paul Suicide Video Backlash

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, looks like Logan Paul is getting backlash from the suicide video he posted. Maverick Apparel demands he stop using their brand name. The company noticed an immediate decline in sales.

“Maverick Apparel has noticed a rapid and significant decline in its sales, reputation and goodwill of the Maverick Apparel brand as a direct result of your repulsive, abhorrent and mutton-headed conduct. In choosing to promulgate yourself and your maw-wallop across social media and champion yourself as an object of ridicule, hatred and contempt, you have simultaneously infected the good name of Maverick Apparel.

The company says they have lost significant sales, and notes his social media campaign is “a parade of intolerance.” The company notes he is tarnishing Maverick Apparel with his name, “Logan Paul which has become synonymous with racist, anti-Asian, and homophobic sentiments, and most recently, a belligerent insensitivity to suicide.”

The company says they have at least $4 Million in damages so far and demand immediately he stop using the Maverick trademark within seven days or they will sue.

This is nothing. Logan’s brother Jake Paul drops N-Bombs for fun- according to TMZ. The Logan brothers have all this planned out to get the world talking about them (=$)… and it’s working.- nik


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  1. BatmanJanuary 6, 2018 at 12:45 AM

    Never heard of this idiot till all this drama. Either way, could care less. If you folow this mental midget in a Yoda hat, you’re a total retard too.

  2. LotusXTCJanuary 5, 2018 at 11:41 AM

    I havent bothered reading up on this sham. Ill never meet logan paul.. or be in the same area or whatever. so its like.. why do i care what an over-privileged white guy does? I like how someone is recycling this news story. its like OMG Nik.. have u heard. lol sponsored news posts..