My Response to the Jesse Dittman post

My Response to the Jesse Dittman post

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hello Nik. Posts about females on your site made by hateful young men who think it’s okay to go out of their way to speak negatively on a female, almost as if they are catty females themselves – ergo = bitch ass ******, is what makes me very happy to be in the P4P/ #tagyoursponsor lifestyle ever since I’ve been 16 years old (OP here).

I am now 19 and it’s very hard for me to even look at men near my age as being worthy of dating, and my fears are only confirmed when I see posts like these. Spread my legs for a free heartbreak… to be done wrong by these catty young “men” of 2017? I think the F not! This poor girls only crime (like many other girls to this day) was STILL following the belief that dating/sleeping with a whack guy for free is the right thing to do in the name of love. Jesse. Say no more to these grown whack catty men and say yes to the #tagyoursponsor lifestyle/correct way of “dating”… having sex. It’s never too late!

You’re 19 years old. You don’t know sh*t about life… you have three seasons left on your warm-hole and then you will be plotting to get pregnant on purpose to trap someone of wealth. The only loser here is your child who will NEVER be loved at 100%… just like you.- nik

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