Nikki LeClair — She does anything for heroin

Nikki LeClair — She does anything for heroin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nikki LeClair is what u call a bag slo’re. She’s a floozy who acts like a normal person then she steals ur credit cards and anything you have. She will cheat on u once she’s done. Her own family Hates her……call her of you like….

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  1. Wonder whatJanuary 5, 2019 at 9:11 PM

    I take it you were burned by miss Nikki LeClair. Look I don’t know her personally but I know woman like her. Seriously though was she acting floozy to throw u off her I intentions. How long did u stay be4 the clues came 2get her. Sometimes I swear u men think with the head between ur legs not above ur shoulders or this wouldn’t be such a common story I’ve heard from guys to much. Oh she was sexy and we partied I wanted her so did she do u thought. Some woman 1 track mind like some men. Why not take the money and the credit cards u were played. I’m sure her family loves her may not be proud of her.