Please hear me out — Bailey Mattingly

Please hear me out — Bailey Mattingly

SUBMITTED: Dear Nik, my name is Bailey Mattingly (far left). I’m sorry to write you under the circumstances, but I have noticed myself on this website a lot lately and I am asking from the bottom of my heart if you would discontue posting articles about me for the time being. I respect what you do and I respect everybodys grind. I am not asking you this as a girl who wants to keep her modeling reputation clean, I’m not asking as someone who even cares about their career at this point, and I’m not angry. I’m asking you this as a human being who is going through a hard time and can’t take the hate anymore.

I tried to help myself by deleting my social media and even then I was still unable to escape the hate. I’m a very depressed person right now and a lot is going on in my life. I have contemplated suicide many times and am currently undergoing treatment to try and help myself. But the aticles I have been reading lately have been hurting me so badly due to the hate people have thrown my way because of them. I’m not angry with you for posting them. I’m not shaming you. I’m asking this as a person who just can’t take it anymore. I wake up to hate mail every day and I’ve never felt so low in my life.

I’m trying really hard to keep myself going because I have a family who I know would be hurt if I killed myself and I’d never want to hurt my family. All I want is to be happy again. All I want is to not wake up and feel like the most hated human being there is. I’m hurting so badly and I am begging you please stop the articles about me. I would really appreciate it. It would mean more to me than you’ll ever know. I’m in such a low place right now I don’t think I can take being blasted on the internet again.

What are you talking about…? You are doing publicity tours and partying in Vegas. This letter feels like an admission of guilt. Maybe choose a different lifestyle instead of the one you have.- nik

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