Pornstar Alana Evans gets called out on her hypocrisy about cyber bullying

Pornstar Alana Evans gets called out on her hypocrisy about cyber bullying

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the recent suicide of August Ames has proven the hypocrisy of the porn industry when it comes to the women in this industry and bullying. Everyone in the Porn industry witnesses bullying of porn women daily from other industry porn professionals and yet they all stood by and allowed it. Pornstar Alana Evans has been preaching against bullying, yet those who she had cyber bullied have called her out on her hypocrisy. Another pornstar who is friends with Alana Evans, Grace Evangeline, has also been called out on her hypocrisy when it comes to bullying people, especially other female porn performers.

Nik, this industry has stood by for the past few years and has allowed a middle aged porn blogger who has a felony record for scamming the welfare system and is trying to evade paying child support, bully young female performers daily on social media and his blogs. Everyone, especially those who are with the Spiegler Girls porn agency like Missy Martinez, keep quiet while this convicted felon bullies young female porn performers and spreads gossip about them that he can’t prove. This industry is truly screwed up!

The porn industry would be respected if the chicks looked cleaner (LaserAway the stupid tats).- nik

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  1. RedemptionDecember 16, 2017 at 9:54 AM

    Alana Evans is the true definition of human trash. She is a mean and evil person and from the looks of it she will never change. I can’t believe she is in her 40’s now and still behaving like this. Alana claims to be bi-sexual and love women… But let me tell you, if you are a woman who is more attractive (which is the majority of women), or more successful than she is, she will HATE you. She has posted countless women on here and made up horrible stories about them for the simple fact she is wildly jealous. Her husband Chris is basically a cuckold who literally drives her to her prostitution gigs and waits in the car for her while she gets banged out for cash. She also sleeps with plenty of men he doesn’t know about just for fun, for free. Lol. Alana, if you are reading this (and I know you are)… Go get some help. You already look like a Bull Terrier, unfortunately that can’t be fixed. But it’s not too late to try and be a better person. Therapy may help, there is hope. Make it your New Years resolution. Don’t hate other women because they are more attractive than you, you should be used to it by now.

  2. SugartitsDecember 16, 2017 at 9:20 AM

    We’re talking about the porn industry, right? We’re expecting these people to behave like professionals in business? I’m incredibly sad for the young girl who took her life, but it wasn’t the cyber bullying that did it. Her soul shattered when the people who were supposed to care for her betrayed her. Porn is built on sleaze and taking advantage of damaged people. Try another line of business if sleaze isn’t for you.

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