Pornstar Jessica Jaymes lies about getting beat up

Pornstar Jessica Jaymes lies about getting beat up

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Jessica Jaymes posted this on her Instagram recently. She’s telling people that she fell on the floor, an obvious lie! I can’t understand why women who get beat up on by their man can’t come up with any other lie that would be logical! Also, when Jessica Jaymes was a Hustler contract girl, she did a sex scene and huge bruises on her legs were very noticeable!

She’s a very beautiful woman, a shame that she’s with a guy whose beating up on her, but guess what, domestic violence on Porn women is a HUGE problem in the adult business that NOBODY wants to talk about. People in Porn don’t care about these women’s well-being, they just want to make money off of them.

JJ, the truth shall set you free.- nik

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