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  1. My wayJanuary 5, 2019 at 9:02 PM

    As a man who allegedly beats woman I grew up living in a house my mom got beat every day by my father. Ask if I take kindly to folks like u now comin ask me plz? Cuz of watching woman so afraid to leave around men who like to talk with fists I’ve learned to talk using every body part. So from me and all the woman who don’t let men like yourself take that power away ever again. They 2 will learn like I did that men in ur position need that for power,control make them think youre the only 1 they have no choice. I just want u 2 know that cuz u lay ur hands on fear of 1 woman there are bitches like me no problem throwing u back into the pack of woman beaters. Play 2gether tell each other how strong u r cuz u put ur hands on woman. Ooh ooh swing fro’m the vines monkey cuz you’re all nothin but looters haha have to beat up a woman feel like ur a man after? I wondered if my father did.