THE DIRTY ARMY:  After reading several articles on the Dirty and hearing countless stories from many individuals, I needed to finally expose this fraud for who he Is. Robert Sze Yin Wong aka Sze Wong is a Canadian Chinese from Calgary Alberta, who allegedly immigrated from Hong Kong, China. Robert Wong claims to have been born in Hong Kong and says he is around 42 years old, we believe at the time he immigrated to Calgary Canada he changed his birthdate and age to be at-least 10 years younger then his real age. Physically Robert is 173 cm tall and about 59 kg. Robert Wong is a Sociopath by definition and a scam artist who has completely derailed hundreds of peoples lives . I fell victim to his scam a few years back and I’ve heard countless stories of people get hoodwinked, and many have been severely emotionally damaged by him. Robert Wong gets people to be sucked into his destructive influence with his cunning persuasion. He stops at nothing to climb to the top of any social ladder and will hypnotically talk people into circles, until they agree to whatever b.s. he spews. Robert claims he is a top 20 industry mogul from LA, that he works behind the scenes casting for many film and television projects. He tries to befriend the friends of his victims and finds ways to get close to their family while trying to make them think that they are in good hands. This artificial assurance makes his victims feel that they are safe and protected. Robert is a calculated predator and will remain friends with you and just when you feel you can trust him with everything he will heartlessly scam you out of your time, money and dignity. Robert claims to have two siblings, James and Kathy, who no one has ever seen, met with no proof of existing. Most Chinese families were only allowed to have one child back then where he said he was born. He also claims to some that his parents died at an early age and that he is a trust fund baby, or he says that his parents are alive and well. Very conflicting stories he tells. Either way, we believe that his mother may be alive and that he still resides at her home in Calgary at 1**0 *1stavenue NE Calgary. This address appears on his drivers license and when researched on google maps is a very poorly maintained shack like house with no drive way. Robert says he lives on an estate, with a live in butler named Philip who cooks for Robert and drives him everywhere. He claims his family owns several estates around the world including a castle in Europe and that he is part of the wealthy elite, living a luxurious lifestyle, but a lifestyle no one has ever seen any physical proof of. Robert states that his estate living is top secret and that no one including his closest friends are allowed to visit him at his family home. Robert says that he has taken special classes to live an estate lifestyle. He tries to sell you on this dream lifestyle that he never had or lived. Further Robert says he is the co-chairman of the Lin Choi Foundation with his brother James Sze Chin Wong. He says his older brother James is a successful lawyer and philanthropist and that in Chinese tradition only the men have rights to the family funds. Robert made up a fictional document that claims that his father, Mr. Lin Choi Wong, personally allocated USD$800 million to the Foundation acknowledging that global programs require substantial financial support. The document states that Mr. Lin Choi Wong’s Family Conglomerate manages the USD $800 million fund; however, the Foundation is responsible for distribution of the fund. It states that as of the year 2000, the fund had been valued at over USD$3.5 billion and the Foundation have contributed over USD$2.5 billion globally in Asia, Europe, Africa, and parts of South and North America since 1980.that the fund has headquarters in Hong Kong and London, England and that the Lin Choi Wong Foundation is a “PRIVATE”foundation focused on complete and total anonymity. The Foundation does not advertise nor promote itself to the public at large. Therefore, all organizations and individuals will be subjected to a Non-DisclosureAgreement (NDA). Once the proposed project has been approved for funding, a formal Gift Agreement between the donor and the recipient outlining the mutually agreed terms and conditions of the donation will be drafted and signed by both parties. The Foundation retains the right to inspect, examine and/or audit any physical properties, assets, works-in-progress, and/or books and records pertaining to the use of donation funds by the beneficiary at any time upon notice. Of course this document is a complete scam, not only does the foundation not exist, but he made this document , like he has many others, all in order to scam for investment purposes. Robert will always try and make you sign an NDA just to make things seem legitimate and secretive but he is full of BS. He will make you sign the NDA document but HE will NEVER sign anything in order to protect himself because he is very calculated that way. He wants to seem like he is humanitarian and philanthropic to stay relevant, and that he has a lot of money at his disposal, which he clearly doesn’t. Robert also spends his time looking for real estate in LA. Over the past 12-13 years he has gone through countless agents, who have shown him luxury homes, wasting their time because he never ends up purchasing any property. He will approach agents who are mostly in the upper income bracket. When the time comes for purchasing he will lead them on and would never be able to prove his income. Robert would never be able to declare his finances to the agents until he’s about to make an offer and then he doesn’t follow through with the purchase. After he is about to make an offer he will switch real estate agents randomly and continue with the same scandalous game. Robert spends most of his time scamming people between Toronto, LA and New York. He tries to sell young boys on the LA dream abusing his perceived power by first acting as a mentor and stating he is a Hollywood Mogul. He further sends them altered news articles with his name added in. He changes the publication and the writer on the articles, and adds fake content about his involvement and expertise. Furthermore, he lies about his contacts and connections. He claims he is a chief global strategist for some firm and will only interview hot young blond guys to work with him. He also claims to be a venture capitalist, and an Equity partner. He actually spends the majority of his time defrauding people and he will spend hours talking to you on the phone brainwashing, and manipulating you to believe anything he says. Robert thrives on creating drama and making you feel like he is your confidant, and that everyone else is out to get you or bad for you. This all is mainly to distract you from the sad reality that he is a con artist and a complete fraud. Robert claims to have studied in several IV league schools. He claims he went to a boarding school called Les Rosey in Switzerland and went to study in Colleges such as Oxford and Stanford. Robert says that he got his bachelors degree at Harvard Univeristy and accomplished an undergraduate in Political Science, Biochemistry and Commerce as well as a Graduate Degree in Genetics and International MBA. We have done an extensive background check on his educational institutions and he has not attended any of them in the capacity that he claims to whatsoever. Robert claims to have worked at several different companies, some which include: Founding partner, executive director, chief global strategist, venture capitalist, shareholder, executive advisor, marketing strategist, comitee member, representative or planning director, for the following companies, Sony, Paramount pictures, cbs, Fox, LVMH, Encana, Husky and Petro Canada oil & gas companies and several banking investment and other financial institutions.He also claims to have professional envolvements with organizations like The United Nations, Winter Olympics, Toronto Film Festival amongst many other organizations and charities. When looking into his employment history and background , these were all confirmed to be made up positions. He would also twist the truth for some of the organization where he voluntarily participated, and embellish his title, achievements and position within the organization. He is not currently apart of any official organization or charity. Anyone that has met him, wonders how he can achieve so much more than anyone can achieve in several lifetimes. Robert spends his time in a very calculated manner swindling money from individuals in both Canadian and US markets. He may also be doing fraud in China, as he claims to travel there often, but we have no evidence of that yet. He spends several weeks at a time traveling to LA or New York and finds a new group of friends every few months once the last group of friends catches onto his lies and deceit. He usually stays with friends and will offer his “expert knowledge and expertise” in exchange for payment. He rarely stay at hotels in order to save on expenses. More recently he’s been contacting people he hasn’t seen in years, through Instagram and Facebook. He is trying to create a new network of people mainly because he has burned all previous bridges. He will treat people to dinners so its perceived as if he has money, where people may think it’s simply a kind gesture, but he has an alterior motive. Usually he schedules lunch meetings, and sometimes dinners, for anyone from real estate agents to people in the fashion, entertainment and beauty industries. He will socialize with key industry people in order to legitimize who he says he is. The reason he would setup these meeting would be to get his name out there and to act as an advisor and strategic planner who has extensive knowledge in all industries. Robert would strong arm people into giving him a title or persuade people to make him a chief advisor or strategist for their foundation or organizations. He did this with LAFW, metropolitan fashion week, style fashion week, Beverly hills fashion festival, Out Fest amongst others. He worked on the set of Eating out and got in by lying and saying he worked for Sony and that he has access to the studios. Robert would coordinate meetings with leaders of Out Fest LA and say he will invest 10 million dollars to help build a theater for the festival from his family foundation. He strung them along demanding free passes for eventual funding but it never transpired. Somehow the people that were connected to Robert started to realize he was a fraud because things never worked out with them, and the funds he promised never came through. Throughout the years he has affected many individuals by Swindling money from them and by convincing them to invest in things such as oil and gas stocks, International Olympic committee, special A-list acting classes that don’t exist. Most people do not have the time nor energy to go after him because he hops from City to City constantly, which is another behavior of a sociopath when swindling money from people. Robert will try and befriend people in your inner circle in order to gain personal knowledge about you, or separate you form people you care about, by infecting your relationships. He will never deliver on anything he promises but yet will make up fake charities and organizations for you to invest or donate your money. He will persuade you to write out checks, take out money from ATM’s or write money orders to him asking for investments for fictitious projects. These fraud investments are for his own self gain and are not real. He will even convince you to pawn your jewelry, or take a cash advance on your credit card. As mentioned previously , He barely has any valuable contacts or connections and pretends to setup meetings with just about anybody he thinks he can use to validate his own image or public perception. Any of his valuable connections won’t last long because they find out sooner or later that he is defrauding them. He then ghosts or disappears once he gets what he wants, and blames the other party for wronging him, in order to justify why he’s cutting them out. He will avoid people and not answer them and run with their money. Robert claims that he had a Career change from Hollywood Moghul to working in Oil and Gas. Coincidentally he went from working at Sony during the Sony crisis to having a career change. When all of the emails got hacked he conveniently left Sony. Although he will tell different people a different version of story. Previously he said he worked as a strategist for : 20th century fox, paramount, Sony and Viacom amongst others. With men who he has more of a sexual interest, he will still claim that he is a Hollywood Moghul and an oversight and that he is able to greenlight projects. He is using Instagram and Facebook to approach these young men and uses them to bend to his needs. He lies about his connections and twists the truth about his experience, and manipulates people into following him in bogus malicious acts. The fact is that he cannot or will not deliver on whatever he is stringing people along with. He likes mislead people and turn them against each-other, creating harmful and unnecessary drama. He spends a lot of time escalating the drama between parties for his own self gain. He gets off on creating insecurities and controlling people.He has never helped a single person in his life without and ulterior motive. He uses people for self validation and claims to be a humanitarian and a foodie but its all for show. All he does is gossip and act like a predator to naive individuals. Robert tells most of his male victims that he is an an oversight and that he will take them on as a mentor and they will be an apprentice or candidate in their professional relationship . He will make up stories about real Hollywood and a fake Hollywood where people are invested in smaller projects. He claims that the real “Big” Hollywood was controlled by oversights like him and they each manage a few celebrities. Robert would make up stories such as, that he had insight and control over castings for movies such as Thor , the outsiders, 22 jump-street, and other dc marvel movies. In order for people to believe his lies he would schedule script , acting exercises as well as one-on-one Coaching. He would then persuade individuals on building a bond or trust type relationship where he would engage in unprotected sexual relations, as both a top and a bottom .After engaging in sexual acts and continuing to make false promises, he would then pretend that he is busy, by talking about his ventures in oil and gas and about acquisitions with his business partner named Tom.He claimed this venture is worth 17 billion dollars, where he himself is part owner. He would mention that he would be acquiring businesses such as Lanvin, Dreamworks, Lionsgate amongst others and says he will have full control over them . He also claims to being in process of acquiring studios while in negotiation with a man named David Feign. Robert would talk about fake projects and nonsense for hours and hours and speak of his involvement in Hollywood. He would attract individuals into believing anything he had to say about the entertainment business. Further He would claim that whilst at Sony he mentored famous actors like Zac Efron, and that looks did not matter if you had an oversight. He would position himself as a mentor to individuals and offer to pay for various acting school and classes. He would never deliver on anything he promised and derail individuals onto a different , where he is in control. He claims that in order for this to work there has to be a bond, and will then go into the sexual requirements. He also claimed that James Franco and Channing Tatum had oversights and engaged in sexual relationships with them.He would try and take control by convincing you to change jobs, cutting out friends and getting rid of your pets. When things start to become suspicious, Robert creates random trust issues, and will strong arm you into apologizing for them; or else he claims that he will ruin your reputation. He will also go through your friends lists and inquire about drama with friends, so he can approach them and act like he knows something more about them. Robert thrives on trying to make others think he’s worth more than he is. The gravity of this situation keeps getting heavier as time goes on, and more and more people are getting affected by him across the United states, Canada, and abroad. We need to #StopRobertWong, If you have any further information on him please contact us at [email protected] and we strongly encourage you to contact your local authorities.

— Someones in the wong.

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  1. SuperKickPartyJuly 6, 2018 at 1:03 AM

    Sounds like they tried to WING but got the WONG NUMBER HAHAHA

  2. John BOnjovijohn nobJuly 5, 2018 at 8:48 AM

    wong queen plays dirty watch out….

  3. ChiChiMoJune 13, 2018 at 3:32 PM

    Longest post! Okay Okay we get it he’s crazy stay away

  4. MalcomJune 12, 2018 at 8:05 AM

    This guy Robert has a horrible reputation all over Hollywood and L.A. If he’s ripping people off as a profession now I’m suprised New Yorkers don’t smell the BS

  5. BillyJune 12, 2018 at 6:15 AM

    This guy is acts like your best friend and promises you the world if you trust him. A few guys told me about Robert. What goes around comes around Mr. Wong. He’ll get his Karma

  6. Marky MarkJune 11, 2018 at 7:12 PM

    My friend in real estate out in LA mentioned this guy. A lot of lux home real estate agents know about his shady reputation. His new boyfriend does kindof look like his old one. Def has a type, this new one has clearly drank this guys Koolaid. I’m sure he’s in for a rude awakening

  7. FudiJune 7, 2018 at 2:42 AM


  8. Frank the TankJune 6, 2018 at 3:38 PM

    I chink I know him but I may be Wong

  9. DeonaJune 6, 2018 at 12:56 PM

    Well well well….he’s still at it …..the new boyfriend also looks like the old one….when will this man stop!

  10. Holy MotherJune 6, 2018 at 12:14 PM

    Holy Mother of god someone grant the OP a pulitzer

    • John BKrewella DevilOnjovijohn nobJuly 12, 2018 at 7:10 AM

      Wong Queen is a sociopath and a nut Job beware of this guy, totally insane. yells and screams if he doesn’t get his way. has nothing and survives off scamming people out of their money.

    • Lol wowJune 8, 2018 at 12:45 PM

      Longest post ever

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