Why Sally Kushner. Whats wrong with you. Seriously her over me.

Why Sally Kushner. Whats wrong with you. Seriously her over me.

THE DIRTY ARMY: I met Sally Kushner years and years ago. We met at a party. Friends Bday. I was introduced to Sally and we hit it off great. I mean. It was easy. We had so much on common. I mean usually things dont happen that way. But it did. I really liked her. Before the night we exchanged numbers. And I said I’ll call. Next day I called her. And asked her if she wanted to meet at The Palms on Santa Monica Blvd. We met up. I dressed in a white tank and jeans. And she gad dark shirt and jeans. We had drinks. Danced. Kissed. It was great. Really great. Me and her saw each other for quite some time. Do the dinner and dessert thing. Coffee at Urth Cafe. It was very romantic. We were going some where with this. We been dating I thing 3 years. Then this Woman walks back in Sallys life. Someone that Sally had a relationship with. This woman tore her heart out. Sally told me all about it. They were together than not. Then together. Than Krissy says Sally. I like men I am not this way. Broke her heart. Sally said she was depressed for months. And in time me and her meet. And hit it off. But bang… Kris waltz back in Sally life like nothing. Sally cancels dinner plans with me. I bought concert tickets. Sally cancels. I go alone. Then Sally says she has the flu. I go over her place. Movies. Food. Soup. Oj. And I find her cuddled up with a red head. They were watching tv. So I said. I see your feeling better. Krissy said you must Sandra. Sally told me about you. I left the things I brought over. Sally heard nothing from Krissy in 4yrs. And boom. Walks back in her life. And Sally dumps me for her. 6 months goes by. They breakup… Sally calls me. And I tell Sally no. What you did was cruel. This Woman breaks your heart. Your a mess for the longest time. You meet me. We have a good thing going.. She breaks your heart again. I hang up the phone. Two years goes by. I run into Sally at Gilsons in West Hollywood. We talk. I told her a met a girl name Pam dated her a while. She ended up moving back to Montana . And I been single 4 months. But I’m doing well. Happy. single.. Well Sally…Shes still single.. Still broken hearted over that Kris Woman. So I said call me we’ll do lunch. A few days and Sally called. We meet up at Basix a restaurant I like. We start hanging out again. Movies. Eating. We went to San Diego. Year goes by. Things are good. We talk about moving in together. She likes my cat. Things are fine. Comfortable. Good. Then it happends again. Krissy waltzs back in her life. But this time its different. She doesnt tell me. Sally sees me and her at the same time. I had no idea that Krissy was back in town. Last I heard. She married a guy. He threw her out. Krissy had no place to go. Not back home. Her family disowned her. I knew that much. It was Sally or Suicide… Not really suicide.. I meant that as an expression. It’s 2013 I still had no idea for years. That she was seeing me and her at the same time. I had No idea. Nothing. Nada… I actually thought everything was fine. We still talked about moving in together. Holidays come. Me and her did a tree in my place..and hers… New Years work parties. Everything was fine. This facade of Sallys went on and on. It’s now 2016. Sally and I together yrs. I still had no clue that Kris been in town for years. Sally did a great job hiding it.we really didn’t have mutual friends. So there was no chance that 1 see Kris and report it back to me. I don’t even know if Kris knew Sally was with me… Sally did a good job keeping up the facade. This is how I found out that Krissy was back. I heard about a business that Sally went into…. With Krissy. I nearly exploded. Sally went into business with that Woman. Well that ended it. I confronted Sally and said I’m threw. You been hiding all this. It’s like High School games. I’m an adult. I’m not an idiot that allow my gf bounce back n fourth. Explains why the moving in together was always delayed. It’s a good thing too that we never moved in. Because one of us would have to move out. So by 2017 She and Krissy move in and live together and have this app business. I then didn’t know to much about it. At that time I didn’t want too. Year goes by and I end up hearing things. Kristin looses her Law License in 2014 reason why she comes back into Sallys life. Manipulates her into going in business with her. Sally always in love with Krissy. Do anything for her. I heard Krissy got Sally cash in her retirement account to help Krissy. And I heard Kris has legal issues. I did get up the nerve to call Sally. And tell her a few things. Things I heard and found out. Things about how Kristin lost her License to Practice Law. And things. Things. Legal things. Sally didn’t want to hear it. Krissys a great person I jealous of her always been. She swore at me and hung up. Sally lost her mind. Im not jealous of Kris. Not one bit. What for. What is there to be jealous of. I still have my Law license. I still have my IRA. I still have my Condo. Sally has Krissy and thats it. She gave up everything for her…and one day. Im sure Krissy will say. Sally Im not a Lesbian. Im not in love with you. I like men. And push Sally aside like she did years ago. So today…. I’m in a new relationship. Her name is Jenny. And from what shes heard about Sally and Kris business. Kristins done some shady things. And lots of people are suing her. And Sally could loose it all and possibly go to jail. Kris stole a ton of money. And Sally being an equal partner legally held responsible.


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  1. XavierOctober 7, 2018 at 6:57 AM

    Lesbians. Why do they fight like cats. Clawing each other.

  2. DarleneOctober 2, 2018 at 6:20 AM

    Love is in the air…. Lol

  3. Kunah LambertSeptember 26, 2018 at 6:46 PM

    I’m told by Ngoli. In a year or two. You and Krissy will be behind bars for fraud.

    I’ll visit

  4. Nichole BlantonSeptember 14, 2018 at 11:01 PM

    Dumb plain and stupid dumb.

  5. KenHSeptember 11, 2018 at 7:21 PM

    Lol. Sally you will never learn. Kristin threw you under the bridge 8yrs ago. And now you have her back in your life. When will you ever learn.

  6. Tanya HongSeptember 11, 2018 at 9:44 AM

    I didn’t know Krissy was your GF.

  7. RitaSeptember 10, 2018 at 9:50 PM

    I met you in 2012 at Club 11 in West Hollywood. You were with a Woman and the guy she lives with. He was a nurse I think. I remember you. And she was very edgy. Dark. And the guy she lived with was weird… Wait.. I think he maybe a dentist. I remember asking about something about teeth. I remember you. I did not like that Woman you were with. And the guy was very gay acting. And she kept saying rude things. Not to me. I’d have belted her one if she called me those names. But I guess now your still with her. I guess love is blind. Or you can tune her out. I know I would.

  8. Craig DesdrandSeptember 9, 2018 at 7:43 PM

    Yeah. Well that Sally Woman always had a thing for that other Woman. It’s a fatal attraction.

    Now they run this app thing called Vestigate. And I’m hearing they are taking advantage ot their friend.. People they know.. And ripping them off..

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