Sam Senev or Saman Francis Seneviratne Biggest Scam Artist

Sam Senev or Saman Francis Seneviratne Biggest Scam Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sam Senev or Saman Francis Seneviratne is a big scam artist. He will claim that he is good friends with Donald Trump and has done dealings with him. He even may show you his number in his cell phone! He will tell you he has flown stealth planes and has highest government clearance. He will tell you he is a big investor and tell you about multi million dollar real estate deals he has done. He may tell you that he has brokered deals between BMW and Range Rover. He may also tell you that he is the one that wrote anti-virus software to stop the Melissa virus in the 90s and McAfee bought it from him, but there is no news about it, because McAfee made hims sign an NDA and didn’t want anyone to know! He is even on the board of Oscars and has many celebrity friends in Hollywood and will show you pictures and awards in his office (all probably fake). He also has multiple masters and doctorate degrees! Wow this guy is a computer scientist, real estate mogul, investor, stealth pilot and has highest government clearance…can someone possibly have all those? Well if you gonna get into a business deal with him, make sure to do research and background check on him. Check his linkedin page and do a reference check, such as being a pilot for LIGA International, and flying as a volunteer to deliver humanitarian items to Mexico. Contact this organization and they will tell it is a lie, that he signed up as a regular member but did not even pay his dues. Also he is being investigated by State of California for securities fraud and scamming investors. See{redacted}He will tell you that his identity was stolen and it was not him doing the fraud!

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  1. VisionaryNovember 25, 2018 at 3:35 PM

    I was contacted by this guy on LinkedIn. He appeared friendly and conversational, which is different than many on LinkedIn. He told me he has been scammed and sued but he had also met some genuine people as well. I too did some research on him because he appeared too good to be true. His website url might have given his true intentions away…why would a person of this caliber have a website that is unsecure? I own a url website through godaddy and I know it’s secure. Also, we exchanged messages through LinkedIn and on one occasion I received a message from his “assistant” stating he received several messages and he can’t respond to all of them and since he had been traveling out of the country that’s why he wasn’t able to get back in touch with me. Strangely, it had been a good month before I knew he had an “assistant”. Prior to his assistant’s response, I never would have guessed he had an assistant because his responses appeared genuine. As result of “her” response, I trusted my “to good to be true” intuition and blocked his access to my account. Sincerity doesn’t mean honesty.

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