Save The Deplorables

Save The Deplorables

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, seems a lot of the media has forgotten basic history.. so let me remind everyone that Nazi medicine was under the cover of science and prestige. This is no different than the medical system that exists today. A simple operation can cause Ms. Being infected by the flu, or any other virus can cause Ms. Millions of assassinations were committed in the name of race. Planned parenthood exists to exterminate the undesirables. Born to mothers &, fathers, “who are unproductive and lazy” Democratic beliefs are…“Only the person who is fit to live has the right to live.” The deplorables are the drunkards, autistic, mental patients, those who take medicine, epileptics, blacks, veterans, and any one who resists the State. Operations used to take place that were useless on patients. Dr.Thilo loved abortions, and had a particular liking for them brought on at the end of pregnancy. Childbirth at Auschwitz was the equivalent of a death sentence.

Many were deemed uncurable aka “deplorables” and therefore sentenced to euthanasia. Children were put to death on the account it would “put an end to there intolerable suffering who were condemned by the hard laws of Nature.” Dr.Pfannmuller testified at Nuremberg that many parents themselves begged him to put an end to their children’s suffering. In the truly fascist state, a government tells people that euthanasia is the only choice, and so is abortion, because an “abnormal child” was a shame and blemish which should be removed. Dr.Walter Schmidt was a theoretician, and would kill thirty to forty children with injections of morphine and luminal. Children who wet the bet or were runaways were also put to death. Vaccines dispatched to immunize the Waffen SS against typhus were worthless.

The doctors made two small batches, one was efficient and made in small quantities for the fellow prisoners and themselves, and the other destined for the Front, was useless. Nazis believed that if your victim knew there was the slightest danger their tests would fail. They must have willing volunteers, convinced there is no danger at all. This is no different than Facebooks motto. The true resistance knowns that man must strive to recognize truth and must be independent and free. He must relate himself to his fellow men lovingly. If he has no love, he is an empty shell. Man must know the difference between good and evil, he must learn to listen to the voice of his conscience and be able to follow it.

I love when crazy nut jobs submit stuff like this. Makes me know that I’m ok.- nik

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  1. Diego the Taco MakerMarch 21, 2018 at 5:45 PM

    Hello to mutha Russia

  2. JillMarch 21, 2018 at 1:56 PM

    What’s scary is the amount of nut jobs out there exactly like this uneducated trash.

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