THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shane Falsey is a guy from Saugus, Santa Clarita, California. I went to school with this kid (he’s now 28) and only knew of him, but never hung out with him nor talked to him in person. Since the MySpace days of like 2006 he has been sexually harassing girls in Santa Clarita (possibly the valley as well) with tons of creepy, perverted messages on Myspace, Facebook, and Instagram. He is on every dating app. He doesn’t know ANY of these girls! It’s CREEPY.

I have tons of screenshots of creepy messages he has sent countless girls over the years on Facebook. I would send them, but for the safety of the many girls he has sexually harassed, I don’t want to post them. I’m not sure what this guy is capable of. Women are scared of this guy and the fact that he has not really been put on blast (except for a few times if you type in his name on Facebook and Twitter, theres a couple girls talking about how he sexually harassed them online out of nowhere) makes me sick. I have tons of friends that have been messaged from him on Facebook and he gets away with it. I decided that this stops TODAY and he will be put on blast, once and for all. He must stop getting away with this.

What he usually does is he will send every girl in Santa Clarita a Facebook message (and he is on none of their friends list, most of the girls don’t know him) saying Hi, the girl will be confused because they don’t know who he is, and out of nowhere, he will start getting creepy and ask if you want to f*** and when the girl obviously says no, he will insult you, cuss you out, and then he gets blocked. He has messaged myself and friends of mine on Facebook literally about 5 times throughout the years asking if they want to have sex with him (I blocked him each and every time) yet he will make a new Facebook profile. Every time he messages all the same girls because every girl he’s sexually harassed online has blocked him OVER AND OVER AGAIN. The girl will then call him out and tell him he’s messaged them before and to go away, then he will play stupid and pretend he doesn’t remember messaging you. He has done this to literally possibly hundreds of girls around Santa Clarita. HE DOESNT STOP.

I found 2 Facebooks of his, one under his real name, Shane Falsey, and another one under what seems to be some sort of alias, Shane Jackman. I’m writing to the Dirty anonymously because I myself, am very scared of Shane Falsey. I’ve heard about some terrible things he allegedly has done, but because I specifically have no proof of those specific things, I won’t post them on here. Many girls want to go to the police, but I think we are all afraid to. What will the police do? All we have are screenshots of the creepy messages he CONSTANTLY sends EVERY girl in SCV, but I just don’t see the police doing anything. He has a lip ring in the middle of his bottom lip and appears to currently have a long beard. I have included pictures of him with the long beard and a clean shaven face. There is something NOT RIGHT about this guy and I am even considering finding out where he works to let his job know that this guy is notorious for sexually harrassing women online, I already found his home address ( to give to the police if I get the courage to report him) and I found what appears to be both of his parents’ facebooks. Shane, stop sexually harassing women. Stop being a creep. Stop making everyone uncomfortable. People talk and you are infamous in Santa Clarita. We are a little scared of what you might be capable of, because of things we have heard, but we have to vent our anger and frustration out in some way TO PLEASE STOP!

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