Social Media Commentary and Question for you….

Social Media Commentary and Question for you….

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I want to make a confession. Some people may consider me a freak, a deviant, or a socially inept person but I am coming out and finally admitting it… I do not have Social Media. No Facebook, No IG and No Snapchat. I don’t see the purpose. I am a 29 year old fairly good looking man, who makes a great living in the corporate world and has decent game when it comes to chicks, I don’t think I need social media but I want to know your thoughts.

I will not lie. I have looked at the IG pages of many of the people posted on your site and I am always left with one question… Why are a million people following schmucks like Eli Wehbe? I get it… hot girls are nice to look at… but once you look 20 shots of them laying around their apartment in a skimpy bikini or lingerie … that’s it. What’s next? I am a realist. I am not an professional athlete or singer, so I am not about to “slide into their DM” with a mere 200 followers. Nor am I about to bump into these girls at Whole Foods and start a conversation about their adorable puppy that is “Everything” to them. I am not going to ask them about the Protein Powder they are posting every few days. So what is the purpose? It is the equivalent of window shopping at Saks with $5 in your wallet.

Continue Reading– This person gets it (life). And to answer your question: Yes, you don’t have a choice. Scooby doesn’t use Facebook and people hate him for it. It’s worse than racism. We live is a fake world with fake happiness… nobody wants to engage with others unless they are on Molly.- nik

If you ask me, everyone on social media is just jerking off in front of everyone else and trying to show all the other imbeciles how much money they have or how cool their life is (make sure you get the Rolls Royce seat emblem in the photo.) In reality they have spent 30 minutes trying to get the perfect shot combined with the perfect filter and carefully tagging the right people in hopes of gaining another few hundred followers, a good amount of likes and some emoji comments confirming how awesome their life is. Well it is all a fraud. Dan Bilzerian is the Bernie Madoff of Social Media if you ask me. It is like a standup comedian performing to a club of 10 other standup comedians… who really gives a fck!!

I am tired of going to a club and seeing every girl glued to their phones, snapchatting the night away instead of actually living life and enjoying the moment. The irony is I think social media has made us LESS social and more ANTIsocial . I don’t know… I need your guidance. Am I completely off base on this one? Should I start an account now, ask a celeb friend of mine to tag me and start collecting likes?? Please shine some light on this for me.

Lastly if your answer is YES where can I get one of these IG photographer to follow me around and take all the “candid” shots people post? I am so confused by all these photos. Do they have hidden cameras in their apartments talking constant photos? Is there a guy in the corner of the room taking pics as they try to put on those tight jeans or causally catch them as they walk in their apartment from their sweat-less workout? I need your help and your advice desperately.

Confused and Frustrated