Tera Patrick is more fake than Barak Obama’s Birth Certificate!

Tera Patrick is more fake than Barak Obama’s Birth Certificate!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I worked with this woman Tera Patrick and she is a POS! She treats people like crap unless she can get something from them. She won’t hesitate letting you know that you’re a lesser person than she is and that gives her the right to treat you like crap. This woman embarrassed me and humiliated me in front of others when all I wanted from her was a selfie. I wasn’t a fan or anything and it was my first time meeting her.

We worked on the same film together, a film that I helped invested money into, and when I had approached her for a selfie, she told me to stay away from her! I never did anything to this woman, all I wanted was a picture with her. I’m not basing this on what she did to me. You’ll be amazed at what others say about her, even limo drivers!

A former agent for Mike Esterman even said that Tera is a horrible person who purposely burnt some bridges with some people because she’s a fake and she treats people like crap. I’ll NEVER invest into another film if this woman is involved!

But her +2’s were amazing ten years ago. Looks like her stock on PornHub is dying too.- nik

  • Pornstar Rank- 236
  • Weekly Rank- 291
  • Monthly Rank- 236
  • Last Month- 223
  • Yearly Rank- 204

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