The Truth About Bailey Mattingly

The Truth About Bailey Mattingly

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, there’s been a decent amount of discussion on Bailey Mattingly, and I’ve been keeping up with it truly because I am someone who has been forced to deal with her sh*t before. So, I have to admit I’m partially inclined to hate when it comes to her. As someone who has personally interacted with this girl on numerous occasions, I can tell you the few people coming to her defense under the assumption she is a sweet misguided girl are completely wrong. This girl is not only manipulative, dumb as hell, and incredibly rude, she’s also a gigantic hypocrite.

The right wing bullsh*t she tries to lay down as a desperate foundation for a social media fame platform is built entirely on lies. She has had more than one abortion, and I actually think the picture of an ultrasound of hers might have been from when she lived in Texas, because she had at least two abortions after high school. She also had a not so suprising pill problem, always taking molly to the point of seizuring out. So all of that good old american girl Trump sh*t is a facade. She grew up priveleged in Lake Travis and went to school in downtown Austin, dated a black guy, and had a pill problem. She repeatedly would call her friends and refer to her boyfriend to them as the n word. So I guess the racist associations made with conservatives is the only authentic aspect of her new identity.

This is such a bad look for Sam Rhima. Sam, please cut her from the roster. Thank you.- nik

**Keep reading… it gets amazing**

She also is currently not a model in California, but a P4P at the Moonlite Bunny ranch in nevada. Her P4P name is Misty Matrix, which some people may have already learned because of the post on znation or whatever. I knew about it because as someone close to people she considers her friends, it became well known she was actually funding her lifestyle through P4P. Here’s the link to her advertisement on the official website. Before this, she used to sell herself illegally on craigslist.

Hope she reads this and realizes the cat is out of the bag back home and that everywhere she goes, people end up hating her. She would talk sh*t about people all the time so I feel like all of this is karma. Interestingly enough, her sister is actually the very sucessful Ashely Mattingly. I guess she got the genes that didn’t make traits resembling down syndrome. Bailey is dumber than a bag of rocks, literally.

And is quick as hell to talk sh*t but then when things get real, this girl is a fu**ing pussy and threatens to get the police involved and her parents. She went to a very expensive private school and barely graduated only to suck Greg for a living. Don’t feel any pity for girls like her. They say one thing and do the complete opposite because shes truly thinks shes intelligent and has everyone fooled when really shes too stupid for her manipulations to really work on anyone which is why everyone gets tired of her sh*t.

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