Twitter suspends Rose McGowan for post about Harvey Weinstein

Twitter suspends Rose McGowan for post about Harvey Weinstein

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Twitter is run by jackasses! Rose McGowan’s Twitter got suspended because of her speaking out against Harvey Weinstein and Ben Affleck’s involvement.

Nik, Twitter is also allowing trolls who hide their identities to harass and bully Conservatives in an attempt to get them off of their social media. Twitter is locking and suspending accounts saying that people are violating their policies yet they won’t inform the violaters of what they did exactly! Twitter locked my account for a whole week all because I tagged Barbara Streisand in a tweet in which I was talking about the episode that South Park did on her years ago. Twitter even made me delete that tweet!

Twitter is suppressing free speech, they’re trying to control the news, they violate their own policies when it comes to porn and cyber bullying, they’re attacking Conservatives and Trump supporters, they allow “minority’s” to make death threats, and the news media won’t report on this!

I thought Twitter loves porn. I see naked tweets all the time.- nik

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  1. jack.hahnOctober 17, 2017 at 3:24 AM

    I don’t know how much of THIS is true, but MSN News reported that Rose McGowan and others had received out-of-court settlements as a result of past allegations of sexual harassment against Harvey. I have personally never met Harvey, nor have I ever been sexually harassed by him, but from my point of view, when someone receives a financial settlement in exchange for remaining silent about an alleged crime, they are NOT a victim, they are a beneficiary. There’s nothing noble about receiving hush money, it just allows a perpetrator to continue unimpeded, for as long as they can buy silence. Whenever anyone makes public claims of having been victimized by someone years ago, at the same time that a number of other people are doing the same thing, I always believe that at least some of them are fabricating their personal experience. I honestly don’t know why so many people today like the taste of Sympathy Pie; to me, it’s just empty calories. Within two weeks, guys on street corners will probably be hawking cheap apparel with the slogan “I was groped by Harvey Weinstein, and all I GOT was this lousy T-shirt” printed on the front, in Cooper Black font.

  2. NobodyOctober 12, 2017 at 10:55 PM

    This is the reality of today’s media. They all take political sides. When NBC executives decided to leak the off camera Access Hollywood sound bite during the 2016 Presidential Campaign,
    they became just another version of the National Enquirer.



    • jack.hahnOctober 13, 2017 at 5:21 AM

      I could only watch about ten minutes of this year’s Prime Time Emmy Awards. The production was literally ‘openly gay’. I saw quite a few mixed ‘beer league’ softball games this summer, where teams lob-pitch to their own side, and every other batter has to be a woman. The quality of play was pathetic; these people appeared athletic, based on physical appearance but playing ball, only a few of them looked like they could find their own ass in the dark, using two hands. The worst game of the year was the one where BOTH teams were entirely composed of men who were French AND Gay. It was painful to watch seemingly adult males flailing at soft tossed deliveries as if they were trying to hit a pinata while blindfolded. I have no idea what they’re proud of, and they weren’t even drinking during the game. That’s sports, in the ‘No Child Left Behind’ League, I recon.

  3. jack.hahnOctober 12, 2017 at 6:15 PM

    OP: Twitter is owned by Google. Google owns almost all of the Social Media sites. I don’t know everything that Cloudfare does, and they probably wouldn’t tell me, if I asked. I will say, however, that the method of moderating comments on THIS site in 2016 was very different than it is now, and the current method is superior, in terms of freedom of speech. Many of my December, 2016 posts were left permanently pending, based on the arbitrary decisions of a moderation program. That isn’t happening anymore. One of my recent posts that was kind of harsh did not appear, but I might have forgotten to press the ‘Post’ button, before changing the display window. I’m not sure. – My two cents.

  4. Leftist and ruining everythingOctober 12, 2017 at 5:57 PM

    Btw morons free speech only protects you from the government.

    • YadaOctober 13, 2017 at 10:14 AM

      @leftista and ruining everything… You can’t expect his supporters to actually know what’s in the Constitution. You’re right that private companies can do whatever they want, freedom of speech only refers to the government. His low information followers are driving the nation into the toilet.

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