Victor Laurent Tovar

Victor Laurent Tovar

THE DIRTY ARMY: Victoria Laurent Tovar is the best pu55y couch surfer. She travels around the USA and globally and has sex with her couch surf hosts. Victoria will Skype with her hosts for months before arrival providing naked Skype Cam sessions to elicit free favors once she arrives in the city/country like for free tickets to the Winter Olympics in South Korea. She couch surfed in my home and had sex with me, then got angry when I wouldn’t wine and dine her and pay for all her traveling expenses. She claims to be a Behavior Improvement Consultant on LinkedIn, but she’s the one who needs a Behavior Coach.

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  1. VictoriaApril 6, 2019 at 5:48 PM

    During our brief interaction of only a few hours last year during an all girl’s night, you were constantly hugging me and giving me wonderful words of encouragement, which I appreciated. You later commented and I quote “Last night with….and her two lovely, educated, empowered badass friends. #FemaleEmpowerment “

    For reasons unknown to me, you have posted a series of online defamation posts with the intention of causing harm. While I know you, your identity, where you live, and where your husband works, I will not post those private details due to your safety concerns.

    I understand life can be difficult and filled with challenges. However, hateful viewpoints or expressions often have vulnerable emotions underneath the surface and if you are struggling with expressing those emotions in a healthy way, I can recommend a list of the low-income therapist in the area. I hope you can get the support you need and start living a life where you are compassionate and kind to yourself and learn to not displace aggression on to people you do not know.

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