What else is Natasha West offering for $100?

What else is Natasha West offering for $100?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how can anyone sleep with a girl that is offering any type of sexual service for $100? It’s so clear she is passing on an extra something along with her services. Why are some clients still so willing to meet her for sex?

Because her prices are better than the Roll Backs at Walmart.- nik


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  1. CostapounderSeptember 27, 2017 at 7:44 AM

    She’s probably Costa Rican p4p is legal 80-150 or a pair of ray-bans gets the GF experience. They turn tricks down there. Flipping gregs left and right

  2. Anthony SpilitroSeptember 26, 2017 at 1:37 PM

    I go $200 for a trip around the world.

  3. Georgia97September 26, 2017 at 11:29 AM

    She’s obviously economically savvy and beating out the competition by offering a volume discount.

    • NobodySeptember 26, 2017 at 5:46 PM

      Or, marketing savvy; she up sales them for a whole lot more. It’s the gypsy way. I bet she reads palms as add on too.

    • MarkSeptember 26, 2017 at 11:43 AM

      damn stop snitching op!

  4. Martha StewartSeptember 26, 2017 at 11:21 AM

    Because she’s really a he or she has DRDs

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