Where are these butt jobs coming from?

Where are these butt jobs coming from?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, need your advice on something. I’m a petite girl and I’d love to get more of butt because my workout routine doesn’t seem to be cutting it. I’ve noticed people are not getting the classic Brazilian butt lift, but are getting injections, because they’re too tiny to transfer fat. I suspect this is what Kylie Jenner may have done. This is Courtney Taylor, and I’m not a fan of this look she has here, but on a post about a year back someone posted her literally getting injections. I go on RealSelf.com and no docs recommend this. Are these back ally jobs?? I also follow the Kardashian’s plastic surgeon on IG and I’ve seen him advertise butt injections. So I am trying to figure out if there are injections out there that don’t look like Courtney’s here and if they’re safe. Thanks!

Butts are out. Nobody is doing doggy anymore… missionary is making a huge comeback and the only reason the Kardashian’s do the injections is to say their butts are real. To them, X-rays don’t lie- meaning the picture doesn’t show any implant. I say you work with what you have.- nik


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