Cassandra Oduola of Houston, Texas

Cassandra Oduola of Houston, Texas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how much does it suck to have to find out from the guy she’s been seeing that your girl has been f**kin around on you? It really sucks. I had been seeing my now Ex piece of trash Cassandra Oduola (Cassie) for two years. We met at university when we were each starting PHD programs. She was this cute, piece of dark chocolate with the wit to match the body, and smart as well. When I met her she was working for Apple, then she worked for Google and this summer she interned at a local firm here in Austin called OJO.

One day I come to pick her up for lunch but she’s in a meeting at OJO, so while I was waiting for her, I went outside to check some emails and this huge linebacker of a guy approaches me and randomly says in a threatening way-to-close-to-my-face manner “I’ve seen you here before, you’re Cass’s boy toy.” I’m like, what the f**k you say to me cuz I never seen this guy before. Guy says “Yah I know who you are and know what else, she’s not yours anymore she doesn’t want you anymore, she was with me last night!”

I’m usually a pretty calm non-violent person, but this guy was all up in my face, so I’m like bro if you don’t step back we’re going to have problems and I don’t believe anything your saying… then I remembered she “slept at the office last night” according to her. Anyways, long story short, this massive guy, we’ll call Durant pulls out his phone and shows me nudes of Cassie, says “these ti**ies, they mine now,” so I shoved him and I’ll admit I got layed out, guy had at least 80 lbs on me.

She admitted it to me later while I was icing my face that she had not only slept with Durant but also two other guys she’d met at this internship and wanted to be in an open relationship, even referred to it as “just how networking is.” F**k that piece of trash, if she wanted an open relationship I may have been ok with it, but cheating on me with three guys over the 4 months she’s at this internship just means she’s a floozy, a liar and trash. So I’m writing to you because tech is a small community and I want to let all the would be future bf’s that she has no morals and will be spreading her legs to climb that corporate ladder, so its not worth getting caught up in her bullsh*t.

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