Cristina Hall — Easy Play

Cristina Hall — Easy Play

THE DIRTY ARMY: There is so much to say about this girl. At first she plays this sweet innocent type of girl. Then after an hour of hanging with her she tells you all about her sugar daddy and her exploits of men that she has had. She uses men for money, for drugs, and whatever else she can suck you dry with. She goes by that name of Cris or Red. Tries to act like a big time dealer. Plays men. Uses men. She sleeps with anything that walks. Dirty, gross cum guzzling sloot. Recently found a video of her online because she does bedroom porn. Her name is Anilla. You can look up Anilla’s first blow bang. Where she is on her knees, handling 4 guys at the same time and then she has a fabulous money shot with all of them ending it on her face. She does whatever she can for money so that she can eat or bang her drugs. This girl is a black widow. Something bad happened to her in her childhood for her to be okay with what she does to be able to use men, until they are tapped dry. She will use men and women. Watch out before she traps you in her web of lies. She will disappear on you to fuk the next d1ck that swings into her life.

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