Cyberbully Alysaa Russell Pt. 2

Cyberbully Alysaa Russell Pt. 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after the continued actions from Alyssa Russell, we just thought we would leave her a little note.

Firstly, Alyssa we are praying for you. Bullying people leads to chances of people committing suicide, ruining their careers, spreading lies around town about them and can lead to them losing connections and friends. Many people in the world rely on their reputations to be around people who are on a good path. If people find out the types of lies you are spreading about them, they can take you seriously and in turn we can lose opportunities that we otherwise would have had. We think you are very broken inside. Instead of apologizing, you have started to post more people. Recently you posted your friend MJ, and then you posted Lena just because she stood up for her best friend Nabil. This is not a good reason to spread defamatory remarks about her.

In fact, standing up for people is the best quality to have as a person. It should be celebrated. We are praying for you because you are displaying unstable emotions and your behavior is very erratic. Being nice to people is amazing. The world is a wonderful and loving place. All of us have agreed that God is very good and we believe God will show you his love and you will eventually get help. But, we will never let you hurt us. I don’t think you really want any of us to commit suicide, but it has happened before. It all starts with bullying a person and the ripple effects from that is devastating.

Lastly, many of us don’t know you. But we saw the way you started victimizing Lena and it was really upsetting. It’s not right. Your behavior is really concerning. I think you idolized one of us honestly from Instagram and maybe you just got really jealous of us so I saw how you were saying maybe we were escorts or whatever you do, that’s your life. But it’s really mean when we all have jobs, careers and really good lives and boyfriends even. God is amazing Alyssa. Being nice to us is a good idea. We’re going to stick together because to be honest you could have really hurt us if we didn’t become friends and tell each other it was gonna be okay. I really hope you turn your life around. I know any church would take you in with open arms and really show you how to talk to God. All you need to do is take that first step.

How do you know these are from Alyssa Russell? This feels like a major assumption.- nik