Garreth Eckhout – Here is step one.

Garreth Eckhout – Here is step one.

THE DIRTY ARMY: I hope that for anyone with the information I have, they understand how hard and how emberassing it is to share details I know. The problem is, I should have shared them sooner. But how does it look on yourself when you fall in love with a person like this. Well, I’m going all in with honesty and I’m done with the feeling of guilt. I met Garreth 3 years ago and dated him for 3 months but it didn’t take me long to figure out things were wrong. Something is wrong. I thought. Things became visible as he would talk dirty but it made my stomach turn. The way he described fantasies became too specific as far as age and grades levels down to 6th. I threw up for days thinking about how I felt as if i let this happen. I mean his porn choice was girls that were so undeveloped and shy. Typing this is affecting me mentally but who has the nerve to express this publicly risking their image? I hope the next girl or CPS worker has something to work off when dealing with this individual.

— yuge arms brah

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  1. LotusXTCJuly 7, 2018 at 5:39 PM

    All this steroid use and wanting to bang pre-pubescent teens is based on the fact he has a small dick. its why that Kangaroid guy moved to the phillipines. He’s huge there.. for both his asian floozyss and lady boys. This dude will probably end up moving to asia soon.. his life expectancy clock is ticking. he looks like he’s nearing 50.. so yeah