Hannah Ramirez – Psychopath Ursula the Sea Witch on the prowl…

Hannah Ramirez – Psychopath Ursula the Sea Witch on the prowl…

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I have been having much rouble with a stalker named Hannah Ramirez. She is a huge land harpooned whale who identifies as lesbian yet she stalks men! she has been sending me disgusting photos of herself. Threatened to call the police on me after I asked her to leave me alone. Everyone knows she is psycho. Someone reached out to me and he told me that she has been harassing him and his wife before. She has been trying to contact family and friends of mine in hopes to get to me. She is sick in the head! she won’t give up. Like all ugly females, they don’t have a limit. They insist and insist because once they have your attention,thats the only bit they will ever receive. She is pin colored like a pig yet wears bronzer and ends up looking like a hog with a rash. She is obsessed with anime men and taking selfies of herself in differnt children’s wigs. She is Psycho! and don’t let her catch you online! she starts fights with women on pintrest! she is a belligerent hog


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  1. LolJuly 12, 2018 at 8:57 PM

    Shes fat and youre still jealous of her thats how funny this is lol
    Guess looks arent everything are they