Run for your life! This kid is the devil!

Run for your life! This kid is the devil!

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, been with this guy Charles Munro for 18 years… 2 kids… He gets some abs and thinks he’s Gods gift! Still living at home with me, his now ex wife, while “trying to make things work”…. But also ok bumble and God knows what else… Taking girls on dates and sleeping with them and eating their pu**ies the first night of meeting them! He smokes weed constantly… Addicted to Pepsi… Complains about being broke due to child support, but hasn’t paid me a single dime!… He’s a NARCISSIST! Google what that actually means!…. I’m not just talking about being into yourself… I’m talking full blown mental illness! He’s on roids…. Has physically assaulted me…. Stay away ladies! Abs or not… His upper body might be ok but as for his Greg and his tiny little boy legs… He ain’t sh*t! Gap teeth, major forehead wrinkles, and old af!…. Total LOSER! Beware!

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  1. Really?June 18, 2018 at 9:59 PM