Child Support Scumming Tiffany Heather Lyon

Child Support Scumming Tiffany Heather Lyon

THE DIRTY ARMY: This old woman got pregnant on a one night stand on purpose while she was 35 sleeping with men 10 years younger than her and not telling them her age. She PURPOSELY wanted the guy to go inside her and then “shocking” showed up pregnant. Her time clock was ticking and wanted a child. This woman disappeared, wouldn’t let the father see his child, but the father did the right thing and got a court hearing so he could pay child support and see his child. This woman Tiffany Lyon took off with his Child, wouldn’t answer phone calls or texts for him to see his child. She takes child support and refuses to allow the father to see his child, she had a contempt of court when the father asked to see his child. She is a highly manipulative person, avoid her at all cost… especially if you’re a man… she can’t be trusted.

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  1. MorrisMay 10, 2019 at 6:55 PM

    All women want kids if time is running out sorry the sucks for him not being a father but he must of known somehow but that’s life I’m sure she raise it well

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