Brittanni Huggins Riddled with DRDs

Brittanni Huggins Riddled with DRDs

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Watch out for this Brittanni Huggins girl. She is mentally ill from years of heroin use and is riddled with DRDs. She works at the castlewoods country club as a bartender. Be aware that she is twofaced and deceitful . She will be kind to you in order to benefit her. She has spread malicious lies about people who were kind to her simply because the well ran dry. Bottom line watch out for Brittanni Sluggins.. she’s a heroin addicted DRD infested slore bag

— No one is going to be doing any huggins today.

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  1. AnonJuly 16, 2018 at 8:12 AM

    This slag is sitting in jail right now…my brother in law made the mistake of getting in the car with her and they got pulled over and now they are both locked up for her bag of meth she “forgot she had”….all class

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