THE DIRTY ARMY: This man is a dangerous FAKE!!! This man preys on women and stealing peoples money but he talks an amazing game! Talks some of the best game ever and is very abusive on the phone. He’s addicted to drama and full of hot air and BS! He is just looking to meet hot young girls and take money from whomever so he can run around and act famous. He thinks he’s gonna be BIG man, the only thing big about him is he’s over 300 pounds of pure flab and hot air. Don’t trust or work with this man. He hit on me several times and wanted to date me but I found out his scam and tricks. Women beware. Everyone beware of this creep wannabe.

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  1. DavidAugust 31, 2018 at 7:11 AM

    Criminal. Should be thrown in the trash after shot!

  2. MissyAugust 16, 2018 at 8:24 AM

    Yes I’ve had bad feelings with this guy too acting like he has a ton of money and he’s the king of everything he also acts like he owns everyone tells you to call him expect you to call him when he tells you to call him but yet he’s not paying you so what’s the point this man thinks he owns everyone he is really bad news and definitely a complete fake I’ve checked out everything that he’s name-dropped and nobody knows him or is planning to work with him he is being blacklisted

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