Carla Royster, the Saved Lesbian Vice Principal

Carla Royster, the Saved Lesbian Vice Principal

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, my friends and I recently graduated from West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South in Princeton Junction, New Jersey. We loved our Vice Principal Carla Royster (who was a former health teacher). Imagine our shock when we hit Google after leaving high school and found out she was a “former lesbian” who claimed to be saved from being a lesbian due to her finding God.

She also wrote a book called “Only God Brings Us Out of the Closet: An Uncensored Testimony of One Woman’s Struggle with Life and A Lesbian Spirit.” Here’s where we take issue- in a district where the kid Dharun Ravi came from- yes, the guy who filmed Tyler Clamenti (the gay Rutgers student who killed himself)… it’s ridiculous and offensive to think this woman can keep her job there. The fact that she’s authored a book that seemingly comes off in its description as having an anti gay rhetoric when being a staff member of a PUBLIC school in a country where gay marriage is legal… is just beyond belief.

Personally, any positive feelings we had for Carla Royster are gone. We are beyond disappointed. Public education and religion don’t mix in this country due to the separation of church and state. Count us as disgusted alumni! For more, check out this interview she did on the topic here: Woman of the Year

She still looks like a Lesbian to me.- nik

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    Whatta rug muncher

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