Dope Floozy is also A Lying Thief with QUAD DRDs

Dope Floozy is also A Lying Thief with QUAD DRDs

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Not only does this b1tch claim to be a stand-up individual who doesn’t do anything wrong especially lie steal or cheat, but she also claims to be a good friend. Here are some facts this b1tch is a dope or it gets all whacked out and paranoid and steals from her friends. Especially the ones that are helping her with a place to stay. A hot meal. A shower. Or even someone to talk to. She is that wretched. But to make it worse she will go out of her way to make you look dumb for saying that she did these things and on top of that as well we’ll try to frame somebody else to make them look like the bad guy when the whole time she was the one orchestrating all the bullsh1t. As far as the quad goes, she received four of these DRDs from a guy and continues to still talk to him after being done so dirty. Literally. Dirty! Sounds like she makes a lot of good decisions and choices after that. So if you see this trick, know that she will try to get your dope anything you own and then act like it’s all peachy and fine because she done do that kind of sh1t. Only the names and faces change. This is one of them.

— Must be the new microwave photo filter.

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