Jared K Spears – Joco Bootyhole Lover

Jared K Spears – Joco Bootyhole Lover

THE DIRTY ARMY: piece of sh1t steals from his family and friends. He’s been arrested for theft and paid restitution. He’s GAY FOR PAY and will let any old man fuk his dirty hole. He spreads DRDs and steals from them. The fact that he routinely hangs out with “leatherboys” while wearing his famous a55less chaps in all the gay bars in westport/midtown, coupled with his out of control drug habit has contributed to his psychological and emotional woes. That, and the fact that he has been arrested several times for sexually groping young teen aged boys. Someone please watch out for this idiot and stay away from him.


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  1. StanOctober 27, 2018 at 5:22 PM


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