Keith Picht — Scumbag: Keep him away from your family

Keith Picht — Scumbag: Keep him away from your family

THE DIRTY ARMY: Keith Picht is a scumbag who has sex with married women who are the mothers of kids he trains and coaches. He preyed on one such mother who was suffering from a mental illness. Do not let him coach or be near your children or family. He is not an avid condom user. Your kids and family are not his priority. Thinking with his tiny member is, however. He has been fired from a previous employer for similar behavior.

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  1. dindunuffinsJanuary 26, 2019 at 3:45 AM

    Well, in his defense. Condoms do suck. Can’t feel nothing. Might as well not even have sex if you can’t feel anything. And besides, moms don’t have any drds usually. Condoms won’t save you from catching DRDs anyhow. You can still get drds up on your crotch and thighs even if you have a condom on. Condoms help prevent pregnancy, that’s about it.

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