Crazy Chick Part Two Krystle Davila the Artist

Crazy Chick Part Two Krystle Davila the Artist

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Here is a shy, beauty who has incredible artistic talent. She is a passionate kisser and intelligent. That alone is more than most have. Ought to be enough to make it in life, right? Not Krystle . Wouldn’t even give what we had a shot. Her crazy b1tch button went off from the very get go. Her stuff used to be up on YouTube. She has taken it down. She did a piece on our first kiss that was both amazing and deeply disturbing. Two lovers hesitantly approaching each other who kiss and literally make the ground shake…..the amazing part. What was disturbing was, she chose to give the two empty, bloody eye sockets instead of eyes, and she burnt them out . ? Artistic or disturbing beyond comprehension? I included a self portrait of her making. all the art she shared with me was full of morbid violence. Beauty brutally marred by blood and violence. I often say what she made of our 6 months together was just another one of her psychotic pieces. Beauty brutally marred by violence. In all my years i never behaved like i did with this psycho. She is guaranteed to make your life hell and bring out the Hyde in you. Stay clear.

— OP From the sounds of this post, you would have been great for each other.

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  1. MenenfightusOctober 30, 2018 at 12:52 PM

    She hot I want her number

  2. You know whoJuly 25, 2018 at 2:02 PM

    This chick needs to go somewhere and die. Can’t stand her.

  3. SuperKickPartyJuly 2, 2018 at 2:25 AM

    Bragging about passing your ex whatever’s nude pictures around is a great way to look like a crazy psycho douchebag

  4. SuperKickPartyJuly 2, 2018 at 1:41 AM

    OP def let this chick dig in his hiney

  5. Bobby TMay 15, 2018 at 12:16 PM

    Shame, PEDwin John Davison. I find your underwhelming attempt at a Buffalo Bill impersonation boring and redundant. Perhaps an editor could serve you to better piece together your hollow, unstructured ramblings. Best of luck to your meandering leap towards relevancy, PEDward.

    • NotapedoMay 17, 2018 at 1:27 PM

      An eloquent way to express cowardice.
      You, sir had the audacity to refer to me as a pedophile.
      My interest in an interaction with you is solely based on the clarification of this situation.
      You choosing to simply continue to lob insults and not engage or address the specifics of my claims paint you with the unattractive color of yellow.
      Good day.

    • NotapedoMay 16, 2018 at 2:09 PM

      Here is another thought for you Bobby T:
      Lets say indeed i was the deviant predator you make me to be.
      Alzheimerish rambling , boring fool.
      The vicious ghoul whose attraction powers are such poor little Krystle was unable to fend off.
      Lets say that is the case. Instead of her being the uncontrollable valueless vixen that i claim she is.
      Boring?! BORING???? a wrinkled old , limp noodle bag of dusty bones banging a young hot chick is EVERYTHING but boring.
      Or we could subscribe instead to the thread that this is all slander and lies.
      Want to do a showdown on that ?
      I’d be happy to be your huckleberry. I could blurr up the pics she sent to clarify my position.
      I promise it would all be Krystle clear.
      What’s it gonna be?

    • NotapedoMay 16, 2018 at 1:10 PM

      Why Bobby t! I do declare! Pedwin!! How quaint. Ped, of course intended to not so subtlty reintroduce the accusations of being a pedophile.
      Thanks for making my point. (The stench of lies and liars cannot be quenched). Your math, of course, is a tad askew.
      I wonder what term you would use for a not yet thirty year old who repeatedly seeks attention from us old folk?
      I wonder how you’d characterize a woman who begins her initial texts with an old man this way ” when you shook my hand you made me wet”.
      I’m curious what your thoughts are of a woman who can act the way crazy Krystle acted?.
      I ponder if you have the mental capacity to analize information.
      I venture to say you are somehow related to crazykrys and therefore unable to do anything other than rehash this pedopunny crap.
      If so, your meager defense is a disservice to her and the community at large. Perhaps your own deficiency was passed on and magnified.
      A quote from her own mother “Krystle often lies to get attention “.
      Best put your efforts into fixing her geriatric infatuation.

      • Bobby TMay 17, 2018 at 12:49 PM

        I often ponder if you have the mental capacity to properly spell analyze while questioning one’s intellect. Although I find your your attempt to engage me in further discussion quite flattering, I must politely decline as your mindless rebuttal is of no tangible or intangible value to me; however, carry on as you choose. Perhaps your imaginary friend, Nik would be more suitable to continue to address…..

  6. NotapedoMay 14, 2018 at 7:33 PM

    Nik: thanks again for this forum. Invaluable. For those who argue this is simply a platform that allows for indiscriminate and hurtful smears i say this: the stench of lies and liars is impossible to hide. Truth however resonates.
    What you have done is create a place that didn’t exist before.
    Here’s my account of the events that took place a few days before and a few days after the last time I ever saw Krystle.
    We had broken up yet again. She wanted to be friends.
    The irony of that was way beyond the cliche that it is.
    She had done two things. Stopped attacking and started to open up emotionally.
    I was depressed and heartbroken and to top it off i received news that an ivc filter that had been put in me years ago was indeed defective. My prognosis rather dim.
    Double scoop of depression.
    I developed a familiar swelling and dull pain, this time in my shoulder. I knew right away it was blood clots.
    Upon arrival at the hospital my blood pressure was 65/30, in other words, not sufficient to even remain standing.
    My biggest concern was solidifying the last will and testament and clarifying the necessities involved if i didn’t make it (survival rates involving embolism varies from 10% to 60%..
    The communication with Krystle centered around this.
    Of course she was to get everything. She was indeed the love of my life.
    Suddenly the real girl began to emerge once again.
    “I don’t want your money.! I just want you well and to marry you!”
    The human back in charge finally said.The vicious beast that used to simply use every disgusting tactic to sabotage what incredible love we shared had been caged for a while. Replaced with the mild mannered beast whose genius it was to “just be friends”.
    I was on cloud nine. At least i die with the taste of true love in my lips. She said she was en route, asked which hospital.
    My pressure was too low to have the mri necessary to determine embolism, my will had no witness. My only concern was to making certain she would get the money…
    She has the gaul to say she is outside, that she can’t find me.
    I scramble to send someone to get her.
    All in vain. She has been lying. She is in California.
    I go from cloud nine to the depths of hell. I’m simply crushed.
    The pain that involved 4mg of morphine and both oxy’s is nothing compared to the pain in my heart. Just another round of her evil; the evil that i had consumed now for six months.
    The poison that had brought out the Mr Hyde in me.
    As the absolute and total hopeless romantic that i am, (or simply a desperate old man. Depending on your perspective), i accepted her visit three days later.
    No need to say it was a tragic mistake.
    The visit must have lasted about an hour. The kissing that took place a cruel reminder.
    She left abruptly as her old demons began to reemerge.
    She actually began texting me that the security guard had told her i was scamming on the nurses.
    Quite a feat for someone drugged and bed bound.
    She promised to pick me up and care for me.
    Of course this never happened.
    My theories behind this hot/cold behavior are pure conjecture.
    The poor girl does suffer from panic attacks and OCD.
    She foolishly chose to self medicate and had been using xanax for ten years.
    A simple Google search yielded one possible explanation.
    A Catholic may simply and accurately suggest demonic possession.
    This old man simply says you have been warned.

  7. NotapedoMay 13, 2018 at 10:06 PM

    Nik: i know your comment may have been simple sarcasm, but the sad fact is we were perfect for each other.
    Our individual quirky nature matched well across the board.
    When she began with the attacks and accusations stemming from the jealousy i was nothing but patient and understanding.
    I was banking on the physical chemistry we shared to carry us through those rocky waters. (The kissing was just plainly unbelievable. Forget the actual sex.)
    Unfortunately in the six months she only allowed ten physical get togethers. That’s all. The magnitude of the feeling terrified her.
    “Kissing you was the most amazing thing that I’ve ever experienced. I will never love another ” . A couple of things she often said.
    Unfortunately, however, it never happened.
    She cancelled, procrastinated and made excuses.
    She stood me up on one occasion and never apologized.
    Her personal attacks were unrelenting and outright irrational.
    This led to the first breakup.
    Unfortunately things began to spiral out of control.
    While both deeply in love, the breakups became uglier and uglier.
    While displaying as much patience and understanding as i could, her destructive prowess continued.
    The number of specific examples that illustrates how dangerous she is; what she is capable of doing, would blow you away.
    The transformation i experienced is equally disturbing.
    In all my years i never behaved like i did with with her.
    The breakups devolved rapidly.
    I even put out a naked picture of her . (Thank God Missouri lags in the legal ramifications of doing this despicable act)
    This business of making this public has two purposes .
    One: it warns others.
    This woman has no capacity to be in a relationship.
    She has destructive powers that defy the imagination.
    2: i needed to burn down the love we had for one another.
    Thank you for this forum.

    • SuperKickPartyJuly 2, 2018 at 1:45 AM

      So you posted naked pictures of her? Credibility gone…psycho alert.