Lori Miller — Shopliftin Shady Liar At It Again..

Lori Miller — Shopliftin Shady Liar At It Again..

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well as u can see lori miller of harisonville has just got off her second theft charge..in addition to being a cheat, liar , and a shady ass coward lori hasnt slowed down a bit at 50 years old with her klepto shananigans..hey public records dont lie…good work Lori im sure the patients you take care of feel real good about leaving u alone in there homes..dont go check the mail homeowners the shady broad will fill her pockets before you know it…pffft smh fukin sad


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  1. 816livinNovember 14, 2018 at 5:38 PM

    This is all lies and BS Lori is actually pretty cool independent woman and also a good mom this sounds like it was written by douchecanoe stalker exboyfriend who’s name starts with ( J ) and who wrote this probably needs to get a life and not be petty..