The Amnesia of Amethyst

The Amnesia of Amethyst

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I first met Amethyst D. Staud (Amey Staud) on my second interview for IHOP in South Wichita, KS. She had a black metal hoodie on could barely speak because she said she had laryngitis. She was laughing just fine and carriering on a conversation but had no voice. I should have noticed the signs. But I was not looking to uncover something so well organized and carried out. I was looking for a job and job only. I only worked 3 weeks before i quit. Durring this time I noticed a couple of other servers taking notice at her as well along with the entirre grill line which consisted mostly hispanics and 2 white dudes. Anyways the two other servers were always flurting with her and she was on the phone all the time. And making great money and I will tell you how trust me. When I finnaly got her number which was the first week I put it in the contacts under “Amey the chick that wasnts the D.” Remember that because its super hillarious.

My last day was mothers day 2017. I said f**k it, its just pancakes and went outside because we were dead. No one came up to me but her and she actted supper sad that I was thinking about leaving and said to me. ” Curtis you can’t go, youre my only friend.” If that was true its really sad, but from everything that is going to happen in the upcoming months it makes it hard to belive. I ended up quitting that night.

From that day on, Amey was coming everywhere with me. She wouldnt leave me alone at all. I was and still am in a very bad spot in life and I had the right mind to know that I was no good for her and told her this. And said it was best to stay away. I was super depressed because so far its been 9 moths living out of my car. I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t leave me alone. I mean what girl goes for a homeless man with no job? The only thing is I had a great running Mustang that I lived out of so it made it hard for anyone to believe I was a bum even my family and friends.

The first weeek of June we were having sex all over town. It was great. I didn’t even care if anything was going on because we were not dating, just FWB. We didnt start dating untill June 15th. But the week before is when I started to noticed the signs. Before I go on I will have to say i am 34 and she is 21 at this time. Yes, I am an idiot. But p***y is a powerful drug and I was addicted. Oh, at the same time her and I were bumping uglies, I knew she was cheating on her boyfriend Robert Goodman with me. I just didn’t know untill later it was also with Zack and some guy she only knew for a week then he told her to not come by his work anymore or he wqould call the police. I can’t remember his name, but here is how I found out about that.

One day in August I was trying to be nice to her and said here I will clean out your car for you while you were at work. Thinking nothing of it. I found 12 brand new with the tags and receipt thongs under the passenger seat and 3 more cell phones in her glove box. I knew her passcode at the time and said to myself, ” it surely cant be the same.” IT WAS!!!! Then stopped and asked myself do I really want to know? Part said no, but the other said if I’m going to be with this girl, I have to know. I mean i’ts her fault for getting caught, right? I couldn’t believe what I seen. Greg pic after Greg pic along with undeleted text from a number of guys includuing Zack and that other guy.

Let me back up for a min- about 3 weeks to week 4 of knowing her. After IHOP I was back in depression mode, but Amey was coming to see me on the regular daily. She knew I needed alot of cash to fix my car and pay child support. She gave me without return a lump sum of $1550. I made it clear that the chances of me paying it back soon is very low. She really didn’t care. She claimed she made it in one month of serving at IHOP. Possible, but I don’t think it’s all pancakes, you feel me? I’ve been a server for 8 years so I was pretty good at judging the average outcome for a server at any resturanunt. And for that store on the high end for a month of wages for the best server could be a grand, but it was dead there and the service was the worst I had ever worked for.

Anyways, so I got a hotel room for a week and got my car fixed. That first week we were stilll not together but f**king. 2 of those nights she told me she had to work late as expo until 4am. I’m sorry. I found that hard to believe, but what can I say she bought my time. The second time I really needed to talk to her and I called the work, not her phone. They said she left hours ago. Went up there with a friend and her car was not there. So we went back. I never even told her about it until I found the cell phones and seen the date of a certain text from Zack. She bought me a hotel room while she was sleeping with someone else. Here is what it said. Zack asked if they were going to do what they had been talking about all week. She called up to work release posing as a manager to get Zack out and they got liq and went I think to a lake because it talked about a fire in the sand. Yes, I ran into am old friend the next day and i took her back up to the room and we did it. I mean we were not dating yet. It wasnt until June 15th that we started dating. She finnaly really did break up with robert but go look at his facebook page and his profile picture. That has never changed……EVER! In on text from Zack he said “good morning, getting up late. Must have been all the D you got last night.” Her reply was “lol I get enough D for everyone!” My f**king heart sunk into the ground and I felt so dirty for the first time in my life in that way. Because from what I just found in no way did any of this stop. I had to hold myself from calling her right then. When I went to go pic her up i drove and tossed the walmart bag on her lap with the thongs and asked her why does it look like these were trying to be hidden. she said at that time her exs aunt bought them for her. she later changed it to she liked to wear thongs but the kicker is when I asked about them a week later she said she threw them away. SAY WHAT!! Why? That is the dumbest thing to do they were new. I clearly didnt get it then. Over 300 clues i gathered in the course of 6 months before I had enough evidence to tell myself to leave. I just couldnt come to terms that my girl is f**king everyone in town and heres the kicker. others knew and I would get people honking at me following me laughing at me and so on. If i wrote this all the way out ( which I will give you all the dirty details but it is litterly a book. She is incapable of telling the truth. which comes from her family.

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  1. SuperKickPartyJuly 2, 2018 at 1:59 AM

    Boo hoo you bum.
    .she bought and paid for your a55 stfu

  2. RosaFebruary 24, 2018 at 6:40 PM

    Get out your feelings dude. You guys weren’t in a relationship she can do whatever she pleases. Her and other dudes was none of your business until she became your girlfriend. Plus she helped you, you should be thanking her

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