Wendy Briggle — Meth Head Mother

Wendy Briggle — Meth Head Mother

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Pos is the worst mother ever she gives her son meth at 15 shows him how to shoot it in his arms now he 21 srung out both of her parents killed them self’s due to her stealing them into a broken night mare and now she collect there life insurance she is 43 and looks 53 she is knwn as Bendy Wendy at swingers clubs guys if you.see her driving her busted as black Mercedes in Independence she on her way to get bent over and take it up her nasty a55 stay away from 20% that’s all that’s left of her vagina


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  1. RidiculousAugust 16, 2018 at 2:15 PM

    This is the most absurd ridiculous accusations about her just haters all lies and it’s unbelievabl that these statements can be posted without any documentation to back it up , these immature idiots shouldn’t be allowed to walk this earth

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