Amber Haag solicits herself for Prostitution on Craigslist

Amber Haag solicits herself for Prostitution on Craigslist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amber Haag had the chance to pay back the money that stole, but since she wants to play games, make worthless threats that involve the cops, and cry to stop contacting her because it’s harassing her, she’s going to have to be taught a lesson! Amber Haag has been answering ads on Craigslist soliciting herself for money in exchange of her offering sex! Of course, Amber can only get $140 due to how physically unattractive she is!

Amber is off to a really bad start trying to be a P4P because she’s letting these men that she meets on Craigslist know her real name and letting them take naked pictures of her. Amber made a bad choice trying to offer herself for P4P. She doesn’t have the body nor the mentality for it. She’s going to these men’s homes and to their rooms at hotels DRUNK! When Amber shows up drunk, she pisses these guys off by acting like an idiot and being annoying. Amber is meeting these men looking like crap and doesn’t even bother to fix herself up. She doesn’t seem to care that her face and chest is sun burnt because she can’t afford tinted windows for her broke car.

Amber has been robbing these men all because they end up rejecting her! They’re not attracted to Amber, they don’t see her naked body as appealing, they get irritated with her voice and her low IQ which you can clearly tell that she has. Another issue that they have with her is that she doesn’t know how to be sexy NOR how to get a man turned on. Amber gets naked, turns on porn, and plays with herself with a vibrator (she brings 2 of them) and a brand new bottle of whiskey that she chose to buy instead of putting gas into her car. Amber gets rejected and gets kicked out, Amber gets mad, Amber makes threats to ruin their lives and go to their jobs to get them fired and bring cops to their door if they don’t give her money.

Amber Haag is an idiot! She thinks that she’s a bad ass and that NOBODY f**ks with her and that people should be afraid of her if they piss her off! Well, Amber, you had a chance to pay back the money that you stole and you refuse to do it! A great thing for this website, now this website which includes the comments, include your text messages of offering to stay the night with a strange man that you had met on Craigslist and your threats of blackmail and extortion! A shame that this website wouldn’t allow your naked pictures to be posted, but then again, as unattractive as you are, seeing you naked would just cause people to become disgusted, which is why you’re single!

You had your chance, Amber to pay back the money! Now EVERYONE is able to see proof that you’re a floozy and that you’re answering ads on Craigslist and you’re offering yourself for sex in exchange of you getting money for it!

Stop submitting her, she’s gross.- nik

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  1. Robert KinkaidSeptember 18, 2017 at 12:51 PM

    Do you have an address on this woman? She stole money from me and I WANT TO COLLECT!!!!

  2. Captain Save A HoeSeptember 16, 2017 at 7:59 PM

    I’m just here to say it’s all true unfortunately I met her through a friend before I saw him you the post tried to be kind to her and give her the benefit of the doubt but I am here to confirm that she’s exactly everything that the post said about her she’s a w**** and a poor one stupid beyond belief drunk and high beyond belief a thief to know and a liar to know and she’s never been honest in her life and her lazy eye makes her look like a f****** hammerhead shark she’s a piece of s*** in the funniest thing is that when you are kind of her she acts like she’s something special I believe that all people deserve a second chance in a break but this piece of s*** is not worth saving that is a promise