Blake Watson likes trannys

Blake Watson likes trannys

THE DIRTY ARMY: So I literally gave my all to this man Blake Watson for a year exactly. He treated me like complete sh1t, never came home on time and then I find out he was sleeping around on me with a tranny! If it wasnt a tranny she sure looked like a man. I just want to warn all the other girls in vegas about this two timing scum bag that does nothing but be abusive and cheat. Oh did I mention he may have given me an DRDs? Hopefully no other woman falls for him and his lies.

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  1. HisgirlSeptember 13, 2018 at 10:16 AM

    His ex Sarah Emily Barfiled is a crazy b1tch that made this whole thing up or maybe one of her psycho family members did on her behalf. Either way Blake is a great guy. She is just mad that he chose an actual woman over a little girl with severe mental issues.

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