Brittany Miren Is A Liar

Brittany Miren Is A Liar

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I’m surprised miss Brittany Miren has never been on here before, so I’m glad to be the first to put her on blast for all her messy ways! Let me start out by saying she is the most narcisitic game player you will ever meet. She will use you for your money and worth until she has completely sucked the life out of you.

She was a stripper/prostitute for years, leaving her son with random strangers and yes Sadly she’s got 3 boys at home all from different men. She expressed to me one time that she felt the more men she has been with, the more she learns about herself. I didn’t think cheating on me with a family member needed to be another lesson in both lives. Brittany go take care of your kids and quit using and lying to people.

OP- sounds like you really loved her. Sorry things didn’t work out… you were probably a great Fake Father.- nik

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