Dana White needs to cleanse his close inner circle

Dana White needs to cleanse his close inner circle

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Sorry hun but rule number one… you can’t hustle a hustler… This post was going to start off as a funny joke claiming Dana White and wife are addicted to escorts but then I felt sorry for them and decided to change it up. You guys have to be more careful about what you say and claim about other people.

I have proof that Anthony Fedele and Jamie Miller are trying to steal my identity. Why because they are both addicted to drugs. Dana White are you dumb, learning disabled, or do you simply need glasses. GHB is illegal in this country the United States. Like I said I have made my peace with God and by all means that to that unattractive manly fighter Jamie… by all means please keep your filthy man … except I have one request Jamie and Anthony do not try and intimidate me or deny me or my grandmother our basic living expenses or try and ruin my life / credit any further.

I have attached the screen shots here as I have gotten off all my social media to avoid these two coward pigs who try and threaten me a woman, who simply doesn’t want to be around them. Pay attention … Nobody orders that much food … you cannot charge things to me or pretend you work for me or even try and call me your wife. Lame ass instatrolls … I have never been married nor to I have any kids… kindly find a new trick and stop using LIVE to stalk other people. I have no clue who GHASE even is.

OP- tell us more. Nobody uses Discover and go Pats!- nik


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  1. TheRainMakerJanuary 30, 2018 at 12:12 PM

    Nik is right. Who the hell uses a Discover cards?

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